Luxury 48pcs Chocolate Selection Box

Bloom Delight

Treat your palate and your eyes with this exquisite handcrafted chocolate selection.
From sweet and tangy fruitiness to nutty ganaches and caramel, there is nothing to skip and everyone finds something to delightfully enjoy.
The selection comes in a 48pcs box and is presented with a ribbon which makes it also suitable as a luxury gift.
The box contains:

- Milk chocolate bonbons with peanut butter ganache and handmade strawberry pate de fruit.
- Green semi-dark chocolate bonbons with apple cinnamon caramel filling.
- Orange and yellow semi-dark chocolate bonbons filled with orange and cardamom ganache on top of a feuilletine hazelnut crunch.
- Tiffany blue semi-dark chocolate hearts with coconut ganache and pineapple pate de fruit.
- Purple white chocolate bonbons with blackberry ganache filling.
Crème brûlée gold chocolate bonbon filled with vanilla ganache and topped with sugar caramel.

- semi-dark chocolate filled with spiced coffee and caramel.

- ruby chocolate heart filled with matcha tea ganache.

- white chocolate filled with coffee ganache.

- semi-dark chocolate filled with Earl Grey tea ganache.

- semi-dark chocolate (54%) with cashew crunch and caramel.

- milk chocolate with hazelnut gianduja and roasted hazelnut.

- white chocolate with pistachio gianduja and vanilla ganache.

- caramel chocolate filled with a spicey crunch and banana caramel.





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