Bloom Delight Summer Chocolate Collection

Bloom Delight


Available to order in the UK, Europe, and North America only.

Introducing the exquisite Bloom Delight Summer Chocolate Box, a delightful confectionery experience that encapsulates the essence of summer in every bite. This artisanal chocolate collection is a true masterpiece, handcrafted with precision and infused with the vibrant fruity flavors of the season.

The Bloom Delight Summer Chocolate Box is a feast for the senses, visually enchanting with its elegant presentation. Nestled within a luxurious, intricately designed box, each chocolate is carefully arranged, evoking a sense of anticipation and wonder. The packaging itself is adorned with vibrant beachy patterns, reminiscent of a British seaside, captivating both the eyes and the imagination.

Each box contains randomly selected 24 pieces of chocolate bonbons of five different flavors:

- Blueberry cheesecake white chocolate

- Lemon and mint mojito semi-dark chocolate

- Tropical pate de fruit with a chocolate ganache

- Semi-dark chocolate with salted caramel and roasted hazelnuts

- Watermelon fruit jelly made with real watermelons and matcha tea ganache

Elevate your summer moments with the Bloom Delight Summer Chocolate Box, an embodiment of luxury, taste, and the sheer delight of the season. Allow yourself to be swept away by the symphony of flavors, the exquisite presentation, and the undeniable charm that this chocolate masterpiece brings.

May contain nuts, gluten, milk, and other allergens.

Non-alcoholic. Vegetarian.

Handmade in London.



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