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The Bloom Delight Ramadan chocolate box is a premium chocolate gift set designed to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan And Eid. This box features an exquisite selection of 24 rich and decadent chocolates that are perfect for indulging during the festive season.

Each chocolate is carefully crafted to deliver a unique and delicious taste experience, with flavors such as hazelnut praline, apricot, caramel, and more.

Whether you are celebrating Ramadan with family and friends or looking for a special gift for a loved one, the Bloom Delight Ramadan chocolate box is an excellent choice. With its exquisite flavors, elegant packaging, and premium quality, this chocolate box is sure to delight and impress anyone who receives it.

Each box contains:

- Crunchy salted caramel.

- Three-layer tiramisu white chocolate bonbon

- Arabic mistick and orange blossom water with pistachio and crunchy pearls.

- Amareddine-inspired apricot pate de fruit with chocolate ganache.

- Hazelnut praline with roasted hazelnuts

- Crunchy orange and cardamom semi-dark chocolate.

Handcrafted in The UK by Bloom Delight.

Vegetarian. Halal. Alcohol-Free

may contain nuts, milk, and gluten.


Please allow 2-3 days for your order to be prepared before shipping.




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