Limited Edition Chocolate Giftbox

Bloom Delight London

Experience the exquisite indulgence with the special Chocolate Box, a luxurious selection of gourmet chocolates that enchant your senses. This beautiful collection is curated for chocolate lovers who enjoy real palm oil-free delights.

Housed in an elegant, artistically designed box, the Bloom Delight London Chocolate Gift Box showcases various handcrafted chocolates. From rich, decadent dark chocolates to smooth, creamy milk chocolates and delightful white chocolate creations, every bite offers a journey of taste that lingers on the palate.

Each box contains 

- A box of 12 chocolate bonbons of nine flavours as shown in the flavour guide in the images.

- A selection of date snack bars: 

  • semi-dark chocolate with peanuts, oats and dates.
  • milk chocolate with cashew, almonds and dates.
  • white chocolate with pistachio butter and pistachio nuts.

- Pistachio and feuilletine white chocolate jar approximate weight 120g.

- Beach-inspired spirulina white chocolate bar with crunchy feuilletine and crisp pearls. (approx. weight 50g)

- Milk chocolate bar with nuts. (approx. weight 50g)

  • Semi-dark chocolate bar with dried fruits and coconut. (approx. weight 50g)

Handcrafted in the United Kingdom by Bloom Delight London.

Not suitable for people with nuts, milk, soy and gluten allergies.


Collections: Summer Collection

Type: Chocolate


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