Tutti Fruity Luxury Chocolate Box

Bloom Delight

Bloom Delight celebrates nature with this handmade fruitful and vibrant chocolate box. This colorful collection brings together tangy tropical fruits, citrusy oranges and lemons., and juicy berries that are inspired by Italian summers and Florida coasts. 

Bloom Delight prides itself on using premium quality products with real flavours, minimal preservatives, and less sugar. 

This edible art box offers 24 chocolate bonbons in 6 different flavours.

- Lemon and mint 54% dark chocolate bonbon.

- Strawberry ganache and marshmallow milk chocolate heart.

- Passion fruit ganache and mango pate de fruit white chocolate bonbon.

- Tiffany-inspired coconut and pineapple pate de fruit semi-dark chocolate bonbon.

- Banana caramel and cinnamon crunch gold chocolate bonbon.

- Crunchy orange and feuilletine 54% dark chocolate bonbon.


All chocolate bonbons are Halal, vegetarian, and alcohol-free.

Handcrafted in the UK. 







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