Artisan Chocolate Bonbon Summer Collection

Bloom Delight

Bloom Delight's signature collection comes in 18 hand-painted chocolate bonbons assorted in a beautiful two-drawer box of 9 bonbons each with five different flavours.

Our chocolates are tempered by hand and each bonbon is handmade with fine and fresh ingredients to give you an indulgent experience inspired by UK summer.

This luxury box makes an excellent gift for your loved one or a sweet treat for yourself.

The box includes:

- White chocolate dome filled with rose ganache.

- Milk chocolate bonbon filled with pistachio praline and orange blossom ganache.

- Semi-dark coffee cups bonbons filled with coffee ganache.

- White chocolate heart filled with passionfruit ganache topped with raspberry pate de fruit.

- Semi-dark chocolate heart filled with apricot and almond butter ganache.

Our bonbons are made in the UK with fresh ingredients and are best consumed within 2 weeks after delivery.

Alcohol-free, vegetarian, halal.


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