Luxury Artisan Chocolate Bar Selection Box

Bloom Delight

Take a fairy tale chocolate journey with this luxurious handcrafted Bloom Delight chocolate box selection.

The chocolate bars make a beautiful decoration for this clear-window gold box wrapped with a beautiful satin and gold ribbon.

The chocolate bars are artistically handcrafted in the UK from premium ingredients of the main chocolate flavours. 

The chocolate box contains five bars:

- Semi-dark chocolate (54% cocoa) with almonds, pecan nuts, and walnuts.

- Orange milk chocolate with handmade candied orange peels.

- Caramel gold chocolate with dried apples and bananas.

- Ruby chocolate with dried raspberries.

- White chocolate with dried strawberries.


Each bar is approximately 50g.

The box is properly packaged to prevent any damage during posting and shipping.


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