Luxury Artisan Chocolate Gift Box with 12 Bars Selection

Bloom Delight

This reusable gift box is filled with 12 selection of artisan chocolate bars all handcrafted with the finest ingredients. This box is suitable for a special chocolate lover who cants resist a good fruity and visually mesmerizing bar.


The box contains:

2 x  white chocolate with freeze-dried strawberries bars.

2 x plain white and semi-dark artisan chocolate bars.

1 x superfood chocolate bar with nuts and dried fruits.

1 x semi-dark chocolate bar with candied orange peel.

1 x ruby chocolate bar with dark chocolate chips.

1x milk chocolate with almonds and walnuts bar.

1x white chocolate with matcha and strawberries flavours and chocolate chips.

1 x semi-dark chocolate (54%) with white and milk chocolate chips.

1 x milk chocolate with white, matcha, strawberries and colourful sprinkles.

1 x semi-dark chocolate with white, matcha, strawberries and colourful sprinkles.

Average weight of each bar: 50G

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