Luxury Eid Chocolate Box - Limited Edition

Bloom Delight

Bloom Delight is proud to present its most luxurious handmade selection of chocolate bonbons and truffles in a white 16 chocolate box which makes a special gift or self treat for Eid and special occasions.

Indulge yourself in 8 different flavours:

-Cinnamon-spiced banana caramel gold chocolate.

- Cashew and caramel milk chocolate.

- Strawberry ganache white chocolate.

- Coffee marbled chocolate.

- Hazelnut praline 'broken heart' semi-dark chocolate.

- Ruby chocolate

- Semi-dark chocolate truffle with caramelized ruby and peanut ganache.

- Earl grey milk chocolate 

The box comes with a ribbon and a sticker but they can be removed as per request.




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