Luxury Handcrafted Hot Chocolate Bomb

Bloom Delight

Indulge yourself with Bloom Delight's luxurious and silky smooth hot chocolate bombs each filled with flavours that make your drink irresistibly delicious.

This bomb makes an excellent and elegant gift for a chocolate lover or simply for oneself.

All is needed just hot milk to make the magic happen.

Selection includes: 

- Semi-dark Chocolate bomb with Belgian hot chocolate powder and marshmallows.

- Semi-dark Chocolate Bomb with minted hot chocolate powder and marshmallows.

- White Matcha Chocolate bomb with white chocolate powder, matcha tea, and marshmallows.

- Gold caramel chocolate bomb with salted caramel hot chocolate bomb and marshmallows.

- Ruby chocolate bomb with raspberries and marshmallows.

All marshmallows are Halal and HMC certified.

Handcrafted in the UK by Bloom Delight from premium ingredients.

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